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La Belle Forme

Hard Services Maintenance Contract with La Belle Forme

Emtec were awarded the Hard Services Maintenance Contract with La Belle Forme in 2021 under which planned preventative and reactive maintenance is carried out. La Belle Forme Glasgow is one of the UK’s top cosmetic and medical surgery clinics. Emtec have elected to work too HAI-SCRIBE requirements and methods. This is due to the nature of the medical procedures being carried out within the facilities live operating theatres and treatment suites.

Careful planning of any maintenance or reactive works is carried out to ensure any potential spread of infection through mismanagement is mitigated. A risk assessment is undertaken taking cognisance of the type and nature of works being undertaken and the nature of the treatment that the facility provides. The outcome of the risk assessment dictates the degree of control measures the contractor requires to implement on site to eliminate or mitigate the risk. This forms part of our RAMS.

We ensure that during any planned or reactive maintenance carried out we maintain full HAI-SCRIBE standards. Emtec carry out the maintenance of all M&E maintenance on site.  As an example, when maintaining the HVAC systems, we follow the following practices;

  • carry out the maintenance out with normal working hours to ensure minimal disruption to the client and patients. By doing this it also reduces the risk of infection.
  • we ensure that dust is minimised, the system is isolated in the area where work is being done.
  • once completing works, we vacuum the area with HEPA filtered vacuums.
  • all waste material was transported out of the opening through sealed containers.

Emtec are responsible for the Water Hygiene on site, due to La Belle Forme being a medical clinic, we have heightened the preventative measures being taken.

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La Belle Forme




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