Corporate Social Responsibility

Emtec Group are a responsible business and as such we have a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in place in order to manage our activities to ensure that we produce an overall positive impact on society.  Our principles cover every aspect of our activities including staff recruitment and management, products, marketplace engagement and environmental performance.

We believe responsible business practice means:

  • Treating employees fairly, equitably and with respect
  • Protecting the environment for future generations
  • Managing the impact on society and the environment of business operations, products or services through interaction with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, communities and suppliers
  • Being a responsible neighbour by understanding the local environment and adapting to local needs
  • Observing basic human rights 

Emtec promotes an inclusive approach in how we manage our business. We encourage innovation and creativity, both individually and collaboratively and promote staff development.  Our knowledge approach encourages continual learning and promotes collaboration through sharing of resources and information. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our work, both environmental and social.  We are committed to ensuring that we manage our business in a way that minimises its impact on the environment. All staff are encouraged to take personal responsibility in their work for considering and addressing the broad social and environmental impact of all our projects and working life. 


We are committed to carrying out an annual audit of our offices energy consumption and identifying targets for improvement.  All staff are encouraged to play a role in reducing unnecessary energy consumption and finding innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. 

Human Resources

We aspire to be known as the company of choice for staff.  Our people are our most important asset and a number of policies are in place towards achieving this aim.