Case Study

Stirling Council Framework


Client: Stirling Council

Project: Solar PV Framework

Contract Value: £3.6 Million

Total Installed Capacity: 3MW


In October 2015, Emtec Energy successfully delivered a three-year framework for Stirling Council installing 3MW of solar PV across 600 of Stirling Council’s portfolio of schools, public buildings and social housing.  This involved initial planning advice, design submittal, structural surveys, feasibility analysis and full installation and monitoring of Solar PV Systems, ranging from 0.5kW to 50kW.

Detailed site surveys on all property types were then carried out by our Design Engineers.  Measurements and manufacturer details of roof types were noted along with any Health and Safety risks such as; household pets, working at height and possible presence of asbestos.  Individual designs were created for each site using PV Sol Professional Solar PV modelling software and AutoCAD which formed part of the Construction Phase Plan.

During these works we successfully introduced a new bespoke monitoring strategy within the Council ensuring added value is given to children that attend schools with renewable technologies installed.  This included bespoke graphics packages and monitoring of not just renewable technologies but also carbon offsetting and current weather conditions.


Site Specific Case Study


Location: Fallin Council Properties

System Size:  159kWp

Approximate Annual Yield: 126,794kWh

Annual CO₂ Reductions: 62,636kg


Stirling council wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and Emtec Energy provided a solution. There were various properties with social housing available within the Fallin area, this provided a high level of roof space to utilise for solar PV. The installation within this area took place over 53 sites, producing an overall system size of 159kWp.

Our Design Engineers carried out detailed site surveys on all 53 sites and produced individual system designs for all properties. Using PV Sol Professional Solar PV Modelling software our Design Engineers published detailed reports including annual yield (kWh), CO₂ reductions (kg) and 3D modelling of the property.  The FIT rate, the electricity rate and the system costs for each site were included into each design report for an accurate graphical return on investment to be produced.

There are numerous barriers involved when dealing with domestic properties such as social housing, as installations take place on multiple properties in various locations. Through effective communication regarding expectations and suitable time frames, Emtec Energy managed to organise access to properties efficiently and minimise the impact of scaffolding and construction in the area.

Each site was installed using Canadian Solar 250W Poly Modules, with a mixture of SMA 2500 HF and SMA Sunny Boy 2500HF inverters. Overall, this installation is expected to produce an annual yield of 126,794kW, this equates to a reduction of 62,636kg of CO₂ emissions for Fallin alone.

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