Case Study

St Margaret's Primary School


Client: St Margaret’s Primary School

Project: Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar PV Installation

Contract Value: £190,000

Location: Stirling

System Size: 132kWp

Approximate Annual Yield: 171,128kWh

Annual CO₂ Reductions:  84,537kg


Emtec Energy were contracted to install a Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar PV system for St Margaret’s Primary School in Stirling. The project included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the installation, this started in April 2016 and lasted roughly 6 weeks.

The Solar PV system has a total installed capacity of 32kW. This generates an annual expected yield of 25,128kWh based on PVSol modelling of the array and site location. The array is located on the South West facing roofs and comprised of 128 Seraphim 250W Solar PV Modules fitted to 2 Fronius Symo 15kW DC/AC Inverters.

The Ground Source Heat Pump consists of 2 Dimplex SI 50 TU Heat Pump Units, giving a total system output of 100kW. As standard, we ran on-site Thermal Response tests and design reports to maximise efficiency of the heat pump. The GSHP System will operate on a pre-heat basis, working in conjunction with the Gas Boiler. Overall, the GSHP System will produce an estimated 146,000 kWh per annum, reducing CO₂ emissions by around 72,124kg a year.

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