Case Study

Ministry of Defence


Client: Ministry of Defence: Project SLAM

Project: Solar PV Installation

Contract Value: £250,000

Total Installed Capacity: 203kWp


Emtec Energy were appointed Principal Contractor to install 203kWp of solar PV for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This installation took place in five locations, including four barracks and a garage, throughout England. As this assignment was five separate projects, the installations spanned over a year and a half between 2015-2016.

The scope of works included the design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems across the barracks available roof space.

This installation was in conjunction with Project SLAM, which aided the refurbishment and new build of many buildings throughout England, helping to improve living accommodation for many military personnel. The total installation is expected to produce an annual yield of 196,848kWh, relating to annual CO₂ reductions of 97,243kg per annum.

As these installations took place in military bases, the power had to be supplied to the buildings on a 24-hour basis. This, accompanied with the high security in the facilities, presented us with several barriers. This was overcome through careful design and installation techniques, while liaising with staff regularly to ensure all works were completed within MOD guidelines.


Site Specific Case Study


Location: Baker Barracks, Thorney Island

System Size: 66.25kWp

Approximate Annual Yield: 66,720kWh

Annual CO₂ Reductions: 32,960kg


The Ministry of Defence wanted to reduce their reliance on the grid to reduce CO₂ emissions and Emtec Energy provided a solution. This included a solar PV installation with an annual expected yield of 66,720kWh, based on PVSol modelling of the array and site location.

Emtec Energy successfully utilised procedures with regards to the control of prohibited items and other security related matters without incident, ensuring any barriers relating to security was resolved swiftly.

The solar PV system was installed across two buildings within Baker Barracks, with panels installed on both south and east facing roofs.The system is comprised of 265 Serpaphim 250W Solar PV modules connected to two 25kW and one 9kW SMA Sunny Tripower DC/AC inverters.

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