Case Study

Legacy Student Living - Collegelands


Client: Legacy Student Living: Collegelands

Project: Solar Thermal Installation

Contract Value: £58,000

Location: Glasgow

System Size: 63.7kWp

Approximate Annual Yield: 40,190kWh

Annual CO₂ Reductions:  19,854kg


Due to the large number of residents living in Collegelands, Legacy Student Living required a more energy efficient approach to the high energy demands and Emtec Energy provided a solution. We were contracted to install a 63.7kW Solar Thermal System at Collegelands Student Accommodation in Glasgow. This installation took place between 2015 and 2016.

As Collegelands is based within a busy area of Glasgow city centre, this presented various barriers for work. Through logistical and efficient planning there were various measures taken to ensure the scaffolding and equipment was not obstructing any of the roads or residents, with due care and attention towards the public around the outsides of the building.

The system is comprised of 28 Oventrop OKP20 Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors generating an annual expected yield of 40,190kWh, this is based on T*Sol modelling of the array and the location of the site. The array is located on the flat roof of the building and fixed on to rubber feet bases, with a fleece cover to protect the roof finish. A Regusol S-180 DN32 Solar Thermal Pump Station was also installed within the Ground Floor Plantroom, to assist with in the flow of solar energy around the building. 

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