Case Study

112 Ingram Street, Glasgow


Value: £125k

Start Date: Feb 2017       End Date: Oct 2017

Scope of Works: A unique Fire Protection project involved upgrading the building’s original cast iron beams and columns to achieve a 120 minute fire rating. This was achieved by extensively grit blasting the cast iron to remove all existing paint coatings and to create a Sa 2 ½ surface profile, before applying a specialist surface tolerant primer, Nullifire 801 intumescent basecoat, and a final custom tinted top seal.

The result is a cast iron structure, dating back to 1898, which is fully fire protected in line with modern building regulations. The custom tinted top seal provides an aged effect in keeping with the building’s listed status.

Diamond Drilling and Sawing techniques were used to create service penetrations throughout the 7 storey building, before fire stopping all voids using Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt, Intumescent Mastic, Fire Collars and Fire Tubes.

Summary of Services

Fire protection
Diamond Drilling