Water Mist Systems

High Pressure Water Mist forms droplets that are less than 1000 microns at the minimum design operating pressure of the water mist nozzle.  For a fire to survive it relies on the presence of the three elements of the “Fire Triangle.”  These are oxygen, heat, and combustible material.  The removal of any one of these elements will extinguish a fire.

The water mist system works at a high-pressure to deliver water as a fine atomized mist.  This mist is quickly converted into steam that smothers the fire and prevents further oxygen from reaching it.  At the same time the evaporation creates a significant cooling effect.

The Advantages of a Water Mist System

  •  Less water required/usage – it typically uses 10% of the volume of water required by a sprinkler system
  •  Less damage.  Water mist is not a deluge system - it smothers fire by means of droplet expansion
  •  Less down time after a fire in a production environment.  Typically equipment with an IP24 rating or greater will not even be affected by water mist

Emtec Fire have the expertise to design, install, commission and maintain water mist systems to suit the specific needs of any building to any standard as required by the client / architect / insurance company in buildings such as

  • Data Centres
  • Prisons
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Generators
  • Biomass Plants
  • Glass Bottle Making Factories
  • Schools (in Certain Cases)
  • Hotels
  • Coal Conveyor Lines