Foam Systems

Foam Systems are designed to extinguish a flammable and combustible liquid fire by smothering the fire with a blanket of foam to separate the flame source from the fuel surface thus suppressing the vapours.
The concentrated foam is mixed with water at between 1%, 3%, and 6% to produce a foam / water solution.  Foam Systems are suitable for hydrocarbon, acetate, and alcohol pool fires.  
The foam solution can be applied to the liquid fire using Foam Enhanced Sprinkler or Deluge Systems, Foam Monitors, Foam Generators or Foam Pourers.  The method of application is dependant on the type of expansion ratio of the foam.

Emtec Fire have the expertise to design, install, commission, and maintain Foam Systems to suit the specific needs of any building to any standard as required by the client / architect / insurance company in buildings such as:
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Whisky Vat Halls
  • Petrol Chemical Plant
  • Fuel Storage Bays