Deluge Systems

The Deluge System is designed to protect high hazard areas containing a severe fuel hazard with a high heat release rate by bringing a large number of open sprayers into action simultaneously in the event of a fire.

The most common approach of detecting a fire is the use of a sprinkler detection line permanently charged by air.  In the event of a fire, the sprinkler detector heads directly affected by the fire will operate.  The immediate drop in air pressure within the detector line releases the pressure against the Deluge Valve diaphragm unit causing the Deluge Valve to open and discharge water through all the open water spray nozzles to rapidly control and extinguish the fire.

Emtec Fire have the expertise to design, install, commission and maintain deluge systems to suit the specific needs of any building to any standard as required by the client / architect / insurance company in commercial buildings such as:

  • Petrol Chemical Plants
  • Whisky Vat Halls
  • Tanker Loading Bays
  • Generators
  • Storage Tanks
  • Storage Spheres
  • LPG Storage

It is best used in high hazard manufacturing areas for example in firework factories or expanded foam factories.